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Hi, I’m Amy.

Two decades ago, I graduated from college with a couple of degrees in art and no idea how to make a living.

Since then I’ve supported myself with my creative skills. First I designed hand painted clothing for a high-end apparel company, then for years I painted murals in homes and businesses. When painting the walls in nurseries and kids’ rooms I was often asked to decorate the furniture or accessories as well. That led me to open a children’s furniture and decor store with a close friend.

When a wholesale rep with a showroom in the World Trade Center asked if she could sell my products to other children’s retailers, I developed a line of handmade picture frames. As that business grew I loved going to wholesale trade shows and meeting hundreds of store owners who sold our frames in their boutiques and catalogs. By then I had several employees helping with painting, screen printing, order processing, packing and shipping.

I sold my manufacturing business when I got married and started a family. Three years ago my husband left his job as a manager in the medical field to start a small business. I run the office for that enterprise while trying to balance motherhood and my own creative pursuits.

I love painting, thrifting, reading, writing, upcycling and decorating. My passion is encouraging others to renew themselves by exercising their creativity. I want you to believe that your creative gift has value!